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By: admin | January 8, 2019

Tom Brokaw wrote Greatest Generation about a pre-Baby Boomer generation in this country known for honesty, patriotism, being hard working, and generally doing the right kind of things in life.

Their kids became the baby boomers who’d go on to have intellectual pursuits, lead one of the largest economic booms in history of 1982-1999, and later retire off their good fortune.

This blog/website/social media is devoted to you, or anyone who succeeded financially, mentally, spiritually in life and are now done with whatever it is that you did for the majority of your life. You have earned the right to leave it behind, retire and do whatever it is you spent the last 40 years thinking about wanting to do. And now it’s here.

Through everyone’s lifetime, we – at some point – dreamt of going to school, marrying with the right person, having great friends, building wealth, accomplishing out goals and having a rainbows and butterflies retirement. How many people actually do that? How many are bored?

A significant portion of the greatest generation living today watches their stocks or grandchildren (or both), takes a couple vacations per year, and are unfulfilled in life a significant portion of every year. Why else would so many people go back to work after retiring for only 6-18 months?

The Golden Age is here to create a solution. How many small businesses could be successful if they had the right advisor? How many charities could make more of a difference in the lives of those around us with engaged advisors, or volunteers? How many young associates in many different lines of work wish they had someone to call to ask questions, and get an unbiased response that would have no bearing on their career aspirations?

There is a huge brain drain in this country. People are bored. There are a lot of really bright people who have money, time and resources and can be doing more. That means you.

Through coming weeks – AND YEARS – the goal of this site will be to connect the young and the experienced, awaken people to numerous volunteer opportunities, educate, entertain, inspire, have some fun and challenge readers as well. To do more. To want to reach out. To make a difference in many different ways. To thrive and enjoy retirement as fully as possible. This site will highlight people who are thriving in retirement. This site will highlight organizations where there are opportunities to be of service.

Most of all, we are here to lift you up for being as great as you are already are, and we want others to benefit from you just being you. So please, if you have suggestions, story ideas, recommendations or anything else please drop us a note and let us know how we’re doing over here and bring your ideas to US.

Thank you, and welcome.

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