Retirement Regrets…

By: admin | May 16, 2019

When you think about the past, are there things that you regret? If so, you’re one of many. Almost everyone has something that they regret doing, thinking, or saying in their earlier life. This is especially true for those entering retirement. Often times, they think back and regret things they’ve done that led them down a certain negative pathway. Regardless of these regrets, it’s important to stay positive about every situation. One person who exemplifies this scenario is Amir Mohammad. As a formerly successful businessman, he underwent many situations that negatively impacted his life. Despite his regrets, Amir still maintains a positive outlook on life, as he believes this is the only way to have a happy life. “Looking back on the past won’t make you happy, it’ll only cause you grief and negative energy,” he says. Amir wishes he can positively impact other people and allow them to learn from his mistakes. Here’s his story.

Amir Mohammad is currently 75 years old and lives in New York City. This is not where he grew up, though. He was born and raised in a small village in Pakistan. At the young age of 7, his father passed away, leaving him to act as the role of the male in the house. Coming from a respectable family, it wasn’t uncommon to start working during and right after grade school, which is exactly what he did. Working as a contractor, Amir built houses for many individuals in the village. He even built his home, consisting of 10 rooms, with his own hands and little help. This feat showed him that he was a capable young man, able to complete anything he set his mind to.

It was at this point in his life where he began thinking about moving and getting citizenship in the United States of America. Because he heard that the United States was the land of opportunity, he felt that moving here would give him the ability to expand and improve himself. Unfortunately, he had a lot to worry about. In his time, it was difficult to get permission to enter the U.S. This left him with a dilemma – he knew it would be best to move, but he’d have a hard time waiting for the right opportunity. Because of this, his eagerness and haste led him to the United States border. He came here illegally but was able to obtain his legal citizenship after a few long years. Because of his dedication to finding a better life for himself, Amir was finally a citizen of the united states.

Background in America
With three kids and a wife to worry about, Amir was fearful that his move wouldn’t benefit anybody in his family. Fear was his motivator, as Amir did everything he could to prosper. Without a formal education, he was forced to partake in small labor-oriented jobs. As a gas attendant at one of his many jobs, Amir met a nice Italian woman who heard his story and welcomed him, his wife, and their three sons into her home in Little Neck, NY. Here, his sons had access to a great education system, and his wife was presented opportunities for many babysitting side jobs. As he aged, Amir entered retirement and began to think about his past. He says this experience made his move worthwhile, but regardless of this success, he has many regrets.

The more that time passes, the more Amir finds some of his decisions as contributors to his current unstable financial position. When discussing these issues with him, he felt extremely passionate and regretful about these experiences, but he remained positive about them. One of Amir’s many regrets is how he forwent education in America. He noted that it’s difficult to find a job in the United States economy and adding a lack of formal education on top of that makes him less eligible for many positions. While he made a decent living on driving for a taxi company, he recognizes that if he went about his move in a different manner, he could’ve been making a more stable living. A second thing that Amir mentioned regretting was not saving enough money. Because of this, he had to come out of retirement to make more money driving for Uber. Because this is a position where you create your own hours, he is able to work when he wants, how he wants. While this is beneficial, he still regrets needing to exit his retirement because of his lack of forward thinking. Amir is a strong individual who, though regrets certain actions he’s taken, remains opportunistic and enthusiastic about his future.

Looking at the Positive Side
While there may always be something to regret in life, there is not always something to be thankful for. It’s for this reason that Amir stressed how “it’s always important to be thankful for the things you have, instead of being seemingly regretful for what you missed, lost, or had.” He explained that if everyone had positive energy and looked forward to their future, the world would be a more positive place. One tip Amir has for people who are beginning to think about retirement is to do whatever may be best for you in whatever situation you’re in. It’s important to think a little selfishly in terms of your retirement, because those are your golden years. You can never get any of your time back, so it is important that you take advantage of the years you have.

Regrets won’t do you any good, so it’s important to take Amir’s advice and do what’s best for you in your younger years so you won’t stress in the future!

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