Motivation Monday!

By: admin | March 18, 2019


What is it you’ve never done before?

You’re retired. You have free time. What is that one secret thing you ALWAYS wanted to do, but never mentioned to anyone? Only you know the answer. Think about it a moment, I’ll wait… Maybe write a novel, but you’ve never written a word in your life. Or acting in community theater seems fun to you, but you’re too shy to even say it out loud. Have you always wanted to ride a Harley across America, but never ridden a motorcycle? Perfect. THAT’S what I’m talking about.

We’ve all daydreamed about things that we didn’t have time to explore. That’s okay. Now we do have time for it. But you’ve pushed that curiosity down in your mind. You no longer believe you can do it. That’s simply not true. This is what retirement is meant to be! Reclaiming the time and dreams that were out of our reach. Sure, you’re already doing wonderful things, as we spend time doing things we’ve always enjoyed, whether that’s visiting the grandkids or golfing. What we’re talking about now are the experiences you haven’t had YET.

What is that one thing you didn’t let yourself pursue? Right after you have the answer, another voice follows right behind it, telling you why it’s silly. Why you can’t do it. Don’t listen. It’s an old tape that no longer applies. Instead, ask yourself: Why am I not doing it? Most likely, you’re a bit intimidated by whatever it is, so you create reasons to actually avoid it. We’re all brave in some ways, and in other ways, not so much… That’s okay. Because no matter what that hobby, skill, art, or second career is that you’ve daydreamed about is– When you stop overthinking it and take baby steps towards it, you will feel amazing. The freedom of saying, “I am finally doing this. No matter how it turns out, I’m so excited to be doing it”.

Too often, people are afraid they’ll fail, or be judged. Neither thing matters. Show up at that community theater and ask when they’re auditioning for their next show. You’ll suddenly find yourself amongst people just like yourself. Taking the first step will change your outlook on it. You can still be scared. A hero and a coward feel the same way. We’re defined by our actions.
Whatever it is you have always wistfully imagined yourself doing, you can begin right now. Type it into the internet, with the words ‘getting started’, and see what pops up. If it’s a hobby, there’s going to be a store that sells the equipment. Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but never even held one? No problem. Hell, why not take singing lessons? Walk into a music store and tell them exactly that. You’ll feel like a kid again.

When is the last time you felt the excitement of doing something brand new? If you can’t remember, then you’re overdue. What’s the worst that could happen? That ballet isn’t as fun as you thought? Maybe. So even your worst case scenario is triumphant, because you’ll have finally experienced what you were afraid to try. Best case scenario? Perhaps an exciting new career as an simply being the best darn singer at the local karaoke bar.

Dreams aren’t just for kids. They’re for all of us. Do it now.

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