Fitness Friday!

By: admin | April 5, 2019


Men. Women. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s… You ALL have to lift weights.

Doctors call it ‘resistance training’. If you’re already playing tennis or golf, that’s great– But you STILL have to lift weights. Weightlifting boosts testosterone, dopamine, and growth hormone, all of which supply the pep in our step and the spark to our personality. Lifting weights will not only add years to your life, you’ll find your days have more physical and mental energy.

You should spend a fast 30 minutes pushing or pulling weights. It’s not hard. Some people find it relaxing, the simplicity of it. Others are terribly bored doing it, and that’s fine too— Then we suggest getting a pair of earphones for your smartphone, and listening to your favorite music. Better yet, download an audiobook. Listen to a story or load up that ‘How To Learn Spanish’ audio lesson, and achieve two tasks at once!

The human body is an amazing, adaptive machine. When we use our muscles, our body is told those body parts will be utilized, and consequently, told to grow stronger. It’s a scientific fact, as true as electricity turning on the lights. Too often, people feel themselves getting older, avoid physical activity, and it creates a terrible chain reaction. Feel weak, do nothing, get weaker. This can be reversed at any age. You can reprogram your body like a computer.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Lifted weights today, and boy do I feel worse”. Never. This does more than grow muscles. It thickens bone density and sharpens your balance. When you’re standing there curling a 10 pound dumbbell, you’re not just exercising your bicep. The tendons and muscles throughout your body are activated, making sure you maintain balance and pull you into alignment.

Okay, if you’re not sold on it yet, we’ll assume you’re the grumpy type that will never do anything that might actually cheer you up. Talking now to the rest of you. You’re wondering how you start.
Gyms are everywhere. The employees there will be happy to give you a simple, daily routine. And don’t be shy to ask other people what exercise they like. Making new friends and having friendly chats just happens to be an added bonus.

Of course, you can type ‘weight lifting for seniors’ into the internet and get dozens of suggestions, (and all confirming what I’ve told you here)! Remember, this is for men and women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at age 85, credits her daily weight lifting with being able to rebound from a fall and get back to work at the U.S. Supreme Court a few days later despite a broken rib. She’s 85 with a full time job, but still gets her workout in.

So let’s do this. Go to the gym. If your only excuse is there’s no gym in 100 miles, buy dumbbells on Amazon and exercise in your living room, while watching your favorite TV show.

No more couch potato. Think stronger. Be stronger. Live stronger.

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