Finding sanctuary in horses in retirement…

By: admin | April 23, 2019

When you’re planning to retire, it may be helpful to find a success story that speaks to you and shows you that success is possible after retirement. The more you plan for this time and the more you understand how important this planning is, the better of an experience you’ll have. One person who is a great example of this feat is Phillip. Phillip began and owned a successful telemarketing company with 4 other individuals. It was so successful that they were able to sell their business to a company in France, which is when he retired. During his retirement, Phil and his wife have stared up a horse rehabilitation and sanctuary in 2003, now housing over 19 horses. After sitting down and having a conversation with Phillip, it was clear that he had a successful retirement experience due to his intelligence and preparedness when entering this time in his life. There are some key aspects of our conversation together that stood out, allowing Phillip to shed light on some of the most important aspects from pre to post retirement. Seeing how Phil successfully retired and is enjoying his current retirement shows people that a happy, healthy retirement is possible when the proper precautions and measures are taken beforehand.

When approaching retirement, many people may feel worried or fearful about the upcoming change that will be occurring in their life shortly. This is a completely natural feeling, as life can drastically change after retirement. It is important to understand you are not alone in this process, though. Some people may be less stressed about their retirement and trust that things will work out how they’re meant to be. Phillip was like this and took a more relaxed approach to retirement, as he had not began thinking about his retirement before his mid 40’s. While running his telemarketing business, Phil lived in Columbus, Ohio, and spent his days more focused on his business than thinking about his future retirement. This changed later on in his life when he realized the importance of planning for the future. Thankfully, a company in France was able to purchase his business, ultimately leaving him in good standing for retirement.

Phil, looking back, recommends that people should try saving and preparing for retirement as soon as possible! He says, “It’s never too young to start!” He recommends beginning to place a portion of each check or payment you receive from working away each week into a savings account. This way, you’ll be comfortable and have a portion of savings increasing for your retirement.

After you retire, it is important to spend your time doing something pleasurable and time consuming. This will allow you to transition smoothly from work life to retired life, as well as keep you occupied throughout your day. In Phillip’s search for this, he and his wife unexpectedly came across a woman in search of someone to foster two abandoned and abused horses. Neither him nor his wife thought about caring for horses in their life, but when the opportunity came up, they couldn’t deny these two horses that just needed some love. Because their experience was so pleasurable, Phil began looking for locations to expand this into. When looking for properties, he and his wife came across an advertisement for an old cattle farm for sale in a local Ohio newspaper. As soon as they drove into the driveway, they knew it was the perfect place to expand their horse sanctuary. After purchasing the land, Phil knew he had a lot of work cut out for him – he still had to tear down two miles of barbed wire fence, build a new stable, and acquire new horses. Despite the stress, Phil learned that like retirement, the situation “was a learning experience.”

Thankfully, all of this time, work, and effort allowed Phillip and his wife to spend time together and enjoy their retirement in a positive manner while helping horses at the same time!

Future Plans
Because consistent schedules can become tiring and boring over time, it is important to find variation in day to day retired life. This allows you to be more involved in your life and more entertained while living. To do this, Phil and his wife work at his horse sanctuary up to 6 days a week, and up to 10 hours or more each day! Phil says every day at the stable is different, so it allows him to stay interested constantly. As time goes on, Phil and his wife understand that they may not want to work at the stables as much and have prepared to wind down more. They are no longer taking in any more horses, as the horses can stay there for their whole lifetime if not formally adopted.

Phil believes and wholeheartedly recommends that people live a slower-paced life in a calmer environment after retirement in order to enjoy their time more thoroughly. If you’re planning to retire soon or are retired and in the process of figuring out how to successfully live your retired life, remember to keep yourself busy and always find time to relax!

The Circle P Sanctuary is a horse rescue and sanctuary run out of the Circle P Ranch in Marengo, Ohio. The Circle P Sanctuary seeks to educate the public on proper horse care and the plight of unwanted horses, as well as to rehabilitate and adopt out our available animals. We also provide long-term care for our permanent residents.

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