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By: admin | January 29, 2019

Giving back to society is an important aspect of retirement. After working your whole life and gaining stability, it is vital to help out other less fortunate. People often do this by taking up work with a charity organization. This gives them a sense of fulfillment throughout their retirement and gives them the ability to make other people happy. One person who successfully worked with a charity organization throughout their years of retirement was Marylin Cano.

Marylin Cano was a high school mathematics teacher who cared about her students greatly. She retired in 2015 after completing many years of teaching. She was always an inspiration to all of her students and pushed them to be better people and make a positive impact on society. To do this, she used real-world examples in her mathematics teachings and would always talk about the less fortunate after her class sessions.

Because she knew that she wanted to continue impacting other students that were less fortunate after her retirement, Marylin Cano and some of her colleagues set up a club called H4H. This club raised and donated money to Habitat for Humanity. This club had plenty of organized events and raised thousands of dollars over the course of her participation.

After her retirement, Marylin Cano continued working with Habitat for Humanity. She was able to help plenty of less fortunate individuals achieve their goals all while satisfying her desire to continue making a difference in the world. Marylin Cano is a great example of a retired individual who became part of an organization in order to be selfless and give back to the community.

What is Habitat for Humanity?
If you haven’t heard of Habitat for Humanity, it is an amazing non-governmental organization, or NGO. They are a nonprofit company that aims to rebuild houses for those who have lost homes from natural disasters. Examples of these disasters include Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from their homes, and many lost their homes altogether. The purpose of Habitat for Humanity is to rebuild homes for those who really need them, and to build them in an affordable manner in which the individuals receiving the houses will be able to upkeep.

In 2018 alone, over 8.7 million individuals were granted help and places they could call home across the world. This work could only be accomplished with a generous volunteer base. In 2018, over 2.1 million volunteers helped out with the building of these homes and safe zones for individuals. This, though, is only a fraction of the total houses built and volunteers they’ve had since the NGO’s inception. Since Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976, 22 million people have received new or improved homes.

Habitat for Humanity is listed as the 8th largest charity in the United States having generated a total of 2 billion dollars over the 43 years it has been running.

None of these numbers would’ve been able to be accomplished without the huge volunteer base that Habitat for Humanity has. Many people across the world believe in what they do and the messages they send to all generations, young and old. Everybody deserves the basic life’s necessity of shelter at an affordable price.

Marylin Cano was proud to be a large-scale volunteer with this organization. She was able to reach many people and encourage other people to join, volunteer, and donate with Habitat for Humanity.

How Exactly did Marylin Cano Help?
Marylin Cano helped and volunteered with habitat for Humanity in many different ways. Some of the things she did included beginning and hosting fundraisers in the high school she worked at, and she volunteered on actual house builds as well.

Marylin Cano’s students loved her devotion and dedication to Habitat for Humanity. They saw it radiate out of her during her work in the H4H club she founded in her high school. The students encouraged and helped her create various fundraisers to raise money to donate to the Habitat for Humanity fund. The most popular school event became a well-known community event. It was called Pasta and Prizes night. During this single night, the H4H club would purchase gifts and find donation items from companies to make gift baskets, and also serve home cooked pasta meals and deserts. Then, during the event, entry tickets paid for the delicious meal. Once you were inside the doors, you could purchase raffle tickets and win some amazing gift baskets. All of the proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity. They even raised enough money to send upperclassmen kids on actual house-build trips across the country. Marylin Cano’s devotion to help underprivileged individuals lead to a widespread understanding of Habitat for Humanity and allowed whole communities to become involved.

How You Can Make a Difference
Just like Marylin Cano did during her retirement, you can make a difference in the lives of others as well. If you are passionate about something, find the time to volunteer with the group or organization of choice. You can even raise money and donate to them if you don’t feel up to doing field work. All organizations appreciate any form of help they can get.

Participating in charity organizations during your retirement can give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment through all of the work you put in and how many people you can help by doing so. Start volunteering or donating today to make a difference!

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