I started this website because I talk to many people on a regular basis who are about to retire or who are recently retired who have no idea what to do with themselves.  They babysit, they help out at the church, they fiddle around, they are BORED!  

For many of these people who I interact with, I have an intimate knowledge of their financial circumstances.  Money is not an issue.  These are intelligent, highly educated, wealthy individuals and I recognize they have a vast ability to help people yet there really isn’t a great way to connect experienced and inexperienced, wealthy and poor, fulfilled and unfulfilled.  

I have worked in wealth management for nearly 20 years, and I have a front row seat for my clients lives.  The financial services industry makes it seem as though everything will always be sunshine and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.  For many, this is the case.  For others, this is not the case or people are in denial about it.

This site is devoted to both.  I want to empower people to lead more productive and happier lives whether they are already doing so or not.  This site is not here to preach or tell anyone how to live their lives, but rather create opportunities where people can find others to mentor if they so desire, where they learn more, be entertained, connect with others, and generally just enjoy life.


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